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11 June 2015

It won’t have escaped your notice that Car Design News now looks a little different

Maserati Boomerang comes back to auction

09 June 2015

1971 Maserati Boomerang concept car will return to the auction block in September. Fingers crossed for a big lottery win in the meantime...

An Art Car? Seems like an original idea…

08 June 2015

2015 Aston Martin Vantage art car

Aston Martin hijacks the 40th anniversary of BMW's original art car

Sitting on the Strate ecole de design diplôme jury

21 May 2015

A great way to deeply understand the intentions and results of the most important projects of these young designers’ careers so far

Worth a read: Wired's 'Why Getting It Wrong Is the Future of Design' Subsriber

25 September 2014

Wired has just published a series of short articles entitled 13 Lessons for Design's New Golden Age. While there are some interesting examples cited in the piece, the concluding article, ‘Why Getting It Wrong Is the Future of Design' by the former creative director of Wired magazine, Scott Dadich, feels like it has particular resonance for car design.

Has this artist created forms that genuinely visualize dynamic design? Subsriber

19 September 2014

German artist Felix Deimann explores abstract shapes in his latest animation, creating a work that's full of inspiring forms.

Opinion: Discovery Sport and the long-term ramifications of pandering to the crossover convergence Subsriber

03 September 2014

Having pored over the first pictures of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and consumed the accompanying official literature, we’re left wondering why it shares so much of its design treatment with the Range Rover Evoque, while simultaneously removing the last vestiges of utility from the Discovery nameplate. From its virtually indistinguishable grille and lamp graphics, over its tapered roofline

What do you think of Ian Callum’s take on the Jaguar Mark 2? Subsriber

28 August 2014

Jaguar design director Ian Callum is a well-documented hot-rod fan - he already owns a '32 Ford Hi-Boy Coupe - but what would happen if he were to ‘re-interpret' a past product of the company he now works for?

Demise of kei cars on the horizon? Subsriber

10 June 2014

The kei car has long been a staple of the Japanese automobile industry and its car culture. Too diminutive for Western markets, the tiny cars and trucks are a strong influencer of design in Japan.