Frankfurt 2017: Wey weighs in

14 September 2017 | by Ed Stubbs

Another newcomer on the scene, at least for European markets, is WEY. With the self-aware strapline “The Chinese WEY” this SUV-focused premium offering from Great Wall looks to be sharing the same ground as the Chery EXEED. Exterior surfacing appears fairly conventional and muscular, with an aggressive lighting signature.

The areas that caught our eye on the VV7s and P8 were the heavily sculpted bonnet that blends through to a strong front fender treatment, giving a surprisingly confident stance.


Also the lack of any cladding around the wheel-arches and sill – a brave move as it can draw attention to the bodyside mass, particularly in unsympathetic colours. Refreshing to see the ‘real’ surfacing on an SUV, and a trick that Bentley and Audi carry off rather well, so you could say the WEY is in good company.


The interior blends good soft-touch material selection and craftsmanship with some familiar forms and volumes, a little reminiscent of Hyundai, Kia and Mazda perhaps, but well-finished with decent tactility to the switches and controls.

Emerging from the Chinese market to face the world we are close to the point where, brand image aside, these SUVs are right up there with Europe’s non-premium best.