Geneva 2017: Lexus stand offers understated Japanese cool

09 March 2017 | by Guy Bird

From time to time, aside from our usual vehicular focus, Car Design News likes to take an interest in the context brands choose to show cars.

Lexus' Geneva show stand is an interesting example. Taking design inspiration from its Tokyo experience centre cafe, Lexus has created a warmer, more domestic-feeling meeting space, rather than the conventional, shiny, brightly-lit automotive exhibition space, we're used to seeing.

2 Lexus Stand Geneva 2017 Wood Detail

By using extensive patterned wood panelling and partitioned white opaque screens, the stand references Japanese domestic settings and adds shelving replete with interesting artefacts, sketch books and magazines and a seating layout that encourages staying awhile and relaxing. There is even an A1-sized poster giving instructions on how to fold an origami cat’s head inside the subtly branded gift shop, suggesting anything but a hard-sell on the merchandise or indeed the brand itself.

7 Lexus Stand Geneva 2017 Lounge

The inclusion on the Lexus stand of the origami poster is justified by its footnote: a great quote by a Takumi master of Atelier origami which chimes exactly with what Lexus is trying to achieve: “We cannot ever let our vigilance lapse. Our customers appreciate and deserve beautiful and lasting quality.” Clever and subtle stuff.

5 Lexus Stand Geneva 2017 Origami Test
6 Lexus Stand Geneva 2017 Gift Shop