LA 2016: Chevrolet Bolt - a crossover or an MPV?

18 November 2016 | by Karl Smith

The Bolt has been around for a while now, as a concept and as a pre-production running prototype, so it's nice to see the final finished product. Chevrolet is presenting it to the public as a crossover, perhaps because that is the most favourable marketing position, but it's more like a mini-MPV: a mono volume that can seat four or five, with a little room left over for light luggage.

An all-electric car with an impressive 60KW motor and 238-mile range, it's the only electric car as yet below the $50,000 price point to break the 200-mile battery barrier, generally considered the tipping point for consumer acceptance. At just below $30K when federal tax credits are applied, it's still comparable in price to the midsize Malibu - which feels more luxurious - however.

We had quite a discussion among our team about the merits and drawbacks of this crossover/mini-MPV format. Is this the right vehicle architecture for such a radical new car? If not, what should that be? We will have a more in-depth analysis of the Bolt in the next week, so watch out for that report.

Chevy Bolt 1