LA 2016: Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Cabriolet - it's Los Angeles in a nutshell

17 November 2016 | by Joe Simpson

Big, bright, brash and dripping with what press releases refer to as ‘enhanced’ attention to detail, the Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Convertible feels like a truly ‘LA’ car. Dripping with chrome, painted lipstick red, and with a 'flowing lines' interior design picking up themes established in the 2013 S-Class Coupe show car, it certainly grabs attention.

Mercedes Maybach 1

The apparently pin-striped wood elements are in fact pieces of nut-brown magnolia, with a three-dimensional metal trim element exposed through a milling process. With its Burmeister stereo speakers [below] integrated into the rear deck, we can see this €300k, limited edition (300 units) car being well and truly at home rolling down Sunset.

Mercedes Maybach 5

Star billing, though, goes to the amazing 20-inch, forged dished-plane wheels with bi-chromatic finish.

Mercedes Maybach 2Mercedes Maybach 3