Honda Civic Type-R: color us intrigued

02 October 2014 | by Tom Phillips

For its second show appearance, the 2015 Honda Civic Type-R has been painted electric blue, with decals added to show how the airflow is managed around the front wheels and down the bodysides. As with many things with this car, the execution is a little over the top, with the decals that make sense of the aero supplemented by fluro stripes up the hood and pinstriped wheels.

Honda Civic Type R 02 

The specific attention to aero is welcome, and demonstrates that the design has a function – we’re particularly taken with the integration of the rear lamps into the wing. However, we’re looking forward to seeing a version of the car that isn’t trying quite so hard, perhaps painted black to match the splitter/rocker surfaces, allowing a more subtle appreciation of the design.

Honda Civic Type R 03 

Tom Phillips