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CES 2016: AI is the next step in autonomy, but is there an opportunity for designers too?

07 January 2016

Could latest tech allow for an organic, learning car?

CES 2016: Voyager Dashboard is Harman’s millennial solution

07 January 2016

Modular sound system offers new opportunities

CES 2016: Rinspeed Etos is a romantic, digital antidote

07 January 2016

Swiss firm’s autonomous car is awash with delightfully analogue touches

CES 2016: The smartfridge takes centre stage

07 January 2016

LG's smartfridge, as shown on a tiled display of curved 4K TVs

The Internet of Things turns its attention to the humble fridge

CES 2016: BMW i Vision Future Interaction takes gestures to a new dimension

06 January 2016

i8 Spyder concept showcases next-generation gesture-based HMI

CES 2016: VW e-Golf Touch debuts new digital interface but misses the mark

06 January 2016

New 'buttonless' HMI introduces new issues

CES 2016: Hands on with the Mercedes E-Class interior

06 January 2016

More ways to interact with more screens

LA 2015: Scion’s failure to connect with Generation Y

20 November 2015

The sad tale of an innovative marketing campaign that lost touch

LA 2015: Mazda CX-9 gets the balance right

19 November 2015

Crossover gets better proportions, clever details and a concept-worthy colour

LA 2015: The Fiat 124 Spider feels very different to its MX-5 twin

19 November 2015

More classical approach creates very different characters for sports car duo