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LA 2016: Mazda CX-5 [2] - a new level of artistry? Subsriber

17 November 2016

More on the CX-5, and how Mazda is aiming for higher aesthetic status

LA 2016: Trend - Fake Plastic Trees Subsriber

17 November 2016

Did we just slip back 15 years to obviously plastic deco materials?

LA 2016: Alfa Romeo Stelvio - a surprisingly average SUV Subsriber

17 November 2016

Not particularly elegant, and rather underwhelming

LA 2016: Nissan uses the Force Subsriber

17 November 2016

How to draw show-goers to your stand when you've got no new product

LA 2016: Mazda CX-5 - the sign of a near-premium brand? Subsriber

17 November 2016

Quietly impressive with good surfacing: the CX-5 is a high-quality offering, if not quite top-notch as yet

LA 2016: Mini Countryman is bigger but not better Subsriber

17 November 2016

Proportional shift brings more space, but fussier detailing means more ungainly appearance

LA 2016: AutomobilityLA conference Subsriber

16 November 2016

Mark Fields, President and CEO of Ford

Round-up of the first day's conference presentations

Paris 2016: Lexus UX offers ideas aplenty Subsriber

30 September 2016

Concept packed with ideas proves Lexus is still filled with unrealised potential

Paris 2016: Lexus spins spider silk into flexible seating Subsriber

30 September 2016

Try saying synthetic spider silk three times fast

Paris 2016: Crisp Skoda Kodiaq clobbers confused Audi Q5 Subsriber

30 September 2016

Skoda upsets the hierarchy by introducing the VW Group’s best SUV design