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Buick Avenir takes two EyesOn Design awards, no surprise that the Ford GT takes Production Car of NAIAS Subsriber

14 January 2015

The Buick Avenir took two well-deserved wins at this year’s EyesOn Design Awards, held at the end of the second of the show’s press days

Chevrolet Bolt is a cool EV in a surgical mask Subsriber

13 January 2015

Alongside the reveal of Chevrolet’s second attempt at the Volt, it also unveiled the Bolt, a concept sub-compact vision of the firm’s global electric car

Hyundai show car is more São Paulo than Santa Cruz Subsriber

13 January 2015

Appealing to the mythical millennial demographic group is something of a dark art, and Hyundai’s Detroit show car is an intriguing attempt at doing just that

Knowing when to stop – Acura NSX edition Subsriber

13 January 2015

The Acura NSX was first shown in concept form here in Detroit back in 2012 and now, three years later, we’ve been introduced to the production version

Audi Q7 has a lot going on, not all of it good Subsriber

13 January 2015

We’ve touched on the idea that SUVs are becoming more car-like, and that’s a point neatly reinforced by Audi’s new Q7

Toyota Tacoma is a truck well done Subsriber

13 January 2015

Pickups are still big news in the US, with a recent resurgence in the mid-sized sector, currently led by the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon. This new Toyota Tamcoma suggests the home team might not have it all their own way, however

Buick Avenir concept – the brand finds its feet Subsriber

12 January 2015

Buick has enjoyed relative success of late thanks largely to its strong sales in China. But it has also experienced its fare share of growing pains as economies of scale forced shared product lines with its European sister, Opel

Ford F-150 Raptor: are you compensating for something? Subsriber

12 January 2015

Ford has virtually guaranteed itself star of the show with its new GT, but the 2017 Raptor also couldn’t fail to catch our eye

Nissan Titan XD a decade in the making Subsriber

12 January 2015

After hitting the road back in 2004, Nissan has finally introduced an all-new Titan

Volvo’s new S60 Cross Country shows model convergence Subsriber

12 January 2015

Taking center stage on Volvo’s stand is a top-spec T6 version of the firm’s new XC90 SUV, wearing a matte blue wrap and sitting on lowered suspension