Harshal Patil

07 March 2017 | by CDN Team

LAMBORGHINI – Fusion Energy LMFP-01 & LMFP-0
Harshal Patil's project attempts to address the need of alternative energy in transportation by exploring future energy options and applying one to a future performance vehicle.
Motorsports events like the Le Mans 24 hours race allow teams to test experimental technologies and prove their worth.
Patil's resulting design is for a Lamborghini concept racecar powered by a fusion reactor for a future Le Mans race. The project went through material and user-research, defining context, persona development and visualization through sketching, digital 3D modeling and rendering.
The design philosophy of the established brand was studied and married with the design philosophy of form follows function, and applied to the final concept making the design unique, functionally efficient, aesthetic and practical.

Harshal 02
Harshal 03
Harshal 04
Harshal 06
P Harshal 1