Mihul Prakash

07 March 2017 | by CDN Team

Surge – Ode to a Legacy
Mihul Prakash's thesis project 'Surge – Ode to a Legacy' explores the ethos of racing to discover the potential within imagined future racing scenarios. Endurance racing is the best possible event to study; how technology has evolved, how emotions are attached to the sport and the all-important man-machine relationship.

The resulting scenario is set beyond 2030, with the FIA organising a 24-hour endurance race on the original Nurburgring track to make it more intense and gruelling for brand competitors to show their capability, reliability, new technology, materials and man and machine synergy. Bentley is one such brand surviving in this future scenario.

Bentley is testing its new intelligent link system between car and driver, called D.V.I.S. (Driver Vehicle Intelligent Sync), which trains the driver according to the track and synchronises the car according to the driver’s capabilities. A further innovation for the event is automated pitstop with no human intervention, making it a 'HOOKnGO' process. Rigorous sketching, intense research and multiple scenarios where created during the project's development to justify Bentley's heritage for true exclusivity, functionality, innovation, passion, boldness and style.

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