Nakul Lathkar

07 March 2017 | by CDN Team

MINIone – Microcar for year 2035
Sponsored by CEIIA, Nakul Lathkar's 'MINIone – Microcar for year 2035' project explored the impact of user hedonism on transportation in the near future.
Lathkar suggest such a focus on user-pleasure will make vehicles more complicated and would have to be integrated in a sophisticated manner.
In a complex system like a smart city, this integration needs to happen at the macro as well as micro level to ensure sustainability. The vehicle solution acts as a loosely coupled element in a harmonic megacity system.
The project focused on a mobility-based micro car platform. It dealt with the adaptability of the platform in a shared mobility service to make a micro car desirable from users as well as from a business perspective.
The 'Interchange' system hosts several modes of transport at a single junction to ease progress. The various car attachments are changed at the interchange based on user requirements and modes. The services vary from an on-demand in-car food printing and vending machine to the car being used for personal advertising and marketing.

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