Thridev Suvarnan

07 March 2017 | by CDN Team

Mercedes F-026 Vision Living Emotion
Excited about the possibilities for future autonomous technology, Thridev Suvarnan set out to better understand what people seek from an autonomous vehicle for his 'Mercedes F-026 Vision Living Emotion' project.

The Mercedes Concept F026 is a vision for autonomous future mobility in 2030 that explores the possibilities of in-vehicle experiences. The design process took a user-centric approach to understand people's expectations and then envisioned an ideal concept in light of them. The resulting vehicle is a very personal autonomous vehicle which could be driven manually if required. The interior space is inspired by architecture because autonomous vehicles are bound to be more of a living space in future. The future concept attempts to capture and retain the subtlety of human experience and the interior theme deviates from the traditionally automotive.

Thridev 00
Thridev 02
Thridev 03
Thridev 07
Thridev 08
P Tridev With Model