Jiang Songlin

06 October 2015 | by Tom Phillips

Jiang Songlin

Winner of Best Exterior Design at the 2015 Car Design Awards China contest

Internship Mercedes-Benz
Age 23
Home city Jilin
School China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Car Design News What has been the most interesting part of your experience?

Jiang Songlin The most interesting part is certainly when we review projects. [Director of Mercedes Advanced Design Center China] Hubert [Lee] would tell us his diverse views and share his knowledge with us. It's a lot of fun working with Hubert but he is also strictly professional at work so I would say working with him was not only the most interesting part but also the part in which I learnt the most.

CDN What have you learnt as a designer during your internship at Mercedes-Benz?

JS Many aspects but ultimately it improved my ability. I hold myself to a higher standard now, in the quality of drawing and the speed I work at, and I have learnt to follow my personal interests.

CDN What advice would you give to people considering the Car Design Awards China?

JS I would encourage everyone to submit the highest standard of their work possible. Avoid submitting less satisfying sketches. Also it’s good to demonstrate all your creativity, but don’t make your designs too unrealistic.

CDN Tell us a fun story about your experience

JS Haha, it was fun when we took the interview photos. We took some to start with but when Hubert saw them, he didn’t think they were good enough. So he showed me how to pose, saying “we need to show them how cool we are.” So apart from drawing, I’ve also learned how to pose properly for a photo.

CDN Has this been a positive experience and why?

JS Of course! I believe this is a very good prelude for my future career path. It has improved my design ability, expanded my horizons and social experience. More importantly, I’ve spent my last summer holiday at Mercedes-Benz – it’s amazing.

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