Best Mobility Solution

19 April 2017 | by Chris Maillard

Wei Zhe, China Academy of Art 

Icona Group’s Zahorte Marius Ionut called this entry a “good integration of different forms of mobility”, while CH-Auto’s Daniel Darancou appreciated the “stretch material technology. Altered states!”


魏哲 - 中国美术学院

意柯那集团的Zahorte Marius Ionut认为这个作品“有效地把多种出行方式融为一体”,而长城汽车的Pierre Leclercq认为该作品“将活力、驾驶乐趣和最新理念完美融合到了最终作品当中”

Mobility 2Mobility 3Mobility 4

Wei Zhe