Most Successful School & Student Design of the Year

19 April 2017 | by Chris Maillard

Most Successful School

School of Design, Hunan University



Student Design of the Year

Liu Xingru & Zhang Heng, School of Design, Hunan University 

“Their winning project simply stood out as the most complete, best-executed and most convincing design in the entire competition,” commented Chris Bangle. “I understand that while the category winners were highly debated, the choice of overall winner was almost unanimous, and was seen to show the most potential for further excellence. It’s a testament to the quality of this team’s work – not to mention the tutoring excellence of the School of Design at Hunan University.”


刘星汝、张恒 - 湖南大学设计艺术学院

 Chris Bangle评论说,“他们的作品完整性最强、表现力最佳,是整个比赛中最有说服力的设计。虽然在单项奖获奖结果评选中存在过争议,但对总冠军的首肯一致,被视为最具发展潜力的作品。此奖项是对这个团队水平的褒奖 — 更是对湖南大学设计艺术学院教学能力的肯定。”

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Zhang Heng


Liu Xingru