Audi TT MK 3 HVAC controls

03 March 2017 | by Car Design News

Although it's doubtful that the Audi TT could be seen as a beacon of sports car engineering, it has at least presented Audi’s design team the chance to flex their creative muscles in its various guises. Though the current TT has been censured for its predictable exterior design, in contrast, the interior’s accolades have rivaled a David O. Russell movie.
Brilliantly devised and executed under the watchful eye of TT design chief Jürgen Löffler, the highlight of the TT’s interior may well be its brilliant HVAC controls. Small screens reside inside propeller-like vents, each with push and twist functions reducing the visible button count to two. Without a centrally mounted screen or even any dash-mounted controls aside from a bar of toggle switches, Audi has again made themselves relevant by reaching new heights in minimalist cabin design.