Cadillac concept vehicle for Geneva Motor Show to be named "Imaj"

20 February 2000 | by Unknown

DETROIT - Cadillac has announced that the concept vehicle it will debut at the Geneva Motor Show Feb. 28 will be called "Imaj ", (pronounced "e-maazh"). This futuristic four-seater blends the luxury of traditional coachbuilders with 21st century technology. It represents the next evolutionary step in the Cadillac brand character development as first shown in last year's Evoq luxury roadster concept.

Cadconcept Int"Imaj is in a class with the most refined sedans offered globally," said John F. Smith, Cadillac general manager and GM vice president. "With all-wheel drive and a supercharged Northstar V8, Imaj has been designed to be chauffeured in during the week and to personally drive over the weekend." The Imaj wasdesigned by Cadillac in conjunction with Simon Cox, at the GM concept studio in the UK.

"Much like the fashion industry's 'signature label' products, Imaj would be very exclusive and limited," said Wayne Cherry, GM vice president and director of the GM Design and Portfolio Centers. "It's designed to be a high-end flagship for both Cadillac and General Motors, pushing the limits of performance, comfort and communications technology."

Consistent with the form vocabulary of Evoq, Imaj has unmistakable Cadillac styling with sharply delineated lines and crisp intersections that provide a faceted, diamond-like quality. Under the hood, 425 horsepower are available on demand, courtesy of a supercharged Northstar V8. The car can switch from rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive through a paddle shift. Aluminum space frame construction and aluminum suspension components help lighten the load and provide a safe, rigid chassis.

Imaj showcases GM's communications and safety technology, with a state-of-the-art Delphi infotainment system that features LCD screens for all passengers, DVD, Bose audio, Internet access and GM's OnStar system. Rear view video cameras replace the mirrors, and Night Vision and radar parking obstacle alert systems provide added safety and security.

To further enhance Imaj's opulent luxury, Cadillac has teamed with classic Italian jeweler Bvlgari, which will provide accompanying aluminum luggage, an exclusive fine clock and distinctive instrumentation for the concept vehicle.

Imaj is the ninth and final concept car to be introduced by General Motors during the first months of the 2000 auto show season.

Source: General Motors.