Colouring the Future: Upcoming Paint Trends

31 March 2017 | by Michael Gooderham

Swiss chemicals specialists Clariant have released a forecast for paint colour trends in 2019, in the form of their latest biennial ‘trendbook’ and a supporting range of paint samples. As we discussed yesterday, the current trend is for more diverse variations of already popular colours, but Clariant forecasts that an overarching theme will soon be paints inspired by the colours of the sea.

Clariant Shiny Multitudes

[1] Shiny Multitudes

The Automotive Styling Shades 2019 Global Trendbook, due to be released at next week’s European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, will show Clariant’s own analysis into current trends in paint colour popularity and a subsequent, er, dive into the “mesmerising colours of the oceans and reefs” to look at the unique and nuanced palette of the underwater world.

Clariant Solitary Elegance

[2] Solitary Elegance

The result of their oceanic explorations has surfaced as a collection of 28 shades, split into four themed groups (see captioned images). These groups are intended to attract “different personalities and mindsets,” but one thing which all four groups share is a relative lack of achromatic colours, in contrast to what’s currently popular, as the company claims that chromatic shades will see a resurgence.

Claraint Explorer By Nature

[3] Explorer by Nature

The groups themselves are Shiny Multitudes [1], considered colours one can live around every day and designed to work well in low light; Solitary Elegance [2], featuring low-key colours claimed to look timeless and valuable; Explorer By Nature [3], meant to encompass the optimistic thrill of discovering a surprise (apparently), and Look At Me [4], featuring bold reds, greens and blues to suit the speed-loving individualist. The colours have all been created using the company’s ‘Hostaperm’ and ‘Novoperm’ pigment grades and feature tinted clearcoats as well as opaque, sparkling effect pigments.

Clariant Look At Me

[4] Look At Me

The full forecast and trendbook will be made available during the coatings show in Nuremberg on April 4th-6th. Until then, would you consider moving from monochrome and dipping your toes into a bit of ‘marine magic’ for your next car?