Michelin/CDN ‘Le Mans 2030’ Book Launched

16 June 2017 | by Chris Maillard

While today’s Le Mans racing cars are exciting enough, it’s always interesting to indulge in a little forward thinking. That’s exactly what Michelin asked the world’s designers to do in their most recent Michelin Challenge Design competition, Le Mans 2030.


The winner Tao Ni displays a model of his Infiniti

The results were highly impressive, with some stunning work and highly innovative thinking. So much so, in fact, that Michelin, in conjunction with Le Mans 24-Hours organisers the ACO, decided to commission Car Design News to produce a commemorative book to celebrate the 2017 competition.

Book Spread 1 72 Dpi

We have done just that, and the firm has just launched the limited edition hardback volume at the iconic Circuit de la Sarthe, the day before this year’s race. Featuring all the winning entrants’ work and much more, including the views of the line-up of highly eminent judges and a brief taster of next year’s contest, it will be a worthy addition to any car designer’s bookshelf – and will also go into the archive of the Le Mans museum for posterity.

Book Tom Roach 72Dpi

The tyre company’s design competitions, which have been running for around 15 years now, attract entrants from all over the world and in truly global style the winner – who was flown over to Le Mans as part of his prize – came from China, while the two runners-up were from Portugal and Canada respectively.


Winners of the 2017 Michelin Challenge Design:

First Place Mcd Lemans2030 4

First place: Tao Ni of Wuhu, China, for “Infiniti Le Mans 2030”

Second Place Mcd Lemans2030 2

Second place: Daniel Bacelar Pereira of Vila Real, Portugal, for “Bentley 9 Plus Michelin Battery Slick”

Third Place Mcd Lemans2030 7

Third place: Kurt Scanlan of Toronto, Canada for “Cierzo C1”

Finalists (in alphabetical order):

Mehdi Alamdari and Vahid Shahvirdi of Victoria, Australia, for design entry “Audi R28”

Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho of Sao Paulo, Brazil, for “Embraer P1 Phenom Hybrid with Michelin Tire Wings”

Josh Gadomski of Caledon Village, Ontario, Canada, for “Hydracross”

Guilherme Kataoka, Luiz Ortega and Marcelo Toledo of Sao Paulo, Brazil for “Bentley Speed X”

Vruttant S. Phatak of Maharashtra, India, for “Neuraura”

Vladislav Semenov and Maria Ryadno of St. Petersburg, Russia, for “Bugatti Wimille”

David Voltner of Zlin, Czech Republic, for “Citroën C030 LMP1”