Ralph Gilles, hometown hero

26 February 2018 | by Chris Maillard

As if you needed another reason to respect Ralph Gilles, FCA’s global head of design, news has just come in that he intervened in a nasty collision near his Detroit home, using his Jeep Wrangler to push a blazing car away from a couple trapped inside their wrecked Ford.

According to this story in his local paper, Ralph was driving home with his wife when he came across the aftermath of a crash that had happened only seconds beforehand, with two people trapped in a Ford Fiesta, itself wedged against a Ford Edge that was on fire. Using his Wrangler, Ralph pushed the flaming Edge to the opposite shoulder of the road.

“I give the Jeep a lot of credit because had I been in my (Dodge) Challenger, I wouldn’t have had the traction to do it,” Gilles noted. “Luckily, we had the Jeep that night. I put it in four-wheel drive and it worked perfectly.”

Here’s another story on the incident, including a rather spectacular picture of the scene.

Excellent, quick-thinking work from the Detroit native. We’re looking forward to seeing him wearing his superhero cape in Geneva while introducing the Wrangler Gilles Edition (bumper scorch marks optional).