Turin Honours Giugiaro With A Great Exhibition

07 December 2016 | by Jon Winding-Sørensen

Only days after having closed a great exhibition dedicated to the 90 years of Milano’s Carrozzeria Touring, Torino’s great automobile museum opened a fascinating Giorgetto Giugiaro celebration. 

It's great timing as, after nearly 50 years with his own Italdesign – albeit the last five under Volkswagen ownership – he finally went independent last year.   

He was recruited by Fiat’s legendary Dante Giacosa, 17 years old, in 1955. Since then he has been at Bertone, Ghia and what started as Società Italiana Realizzazione Prototipi S.p.A. in 1968.

The new exhibition tells it all. With real cars, with models, with renderings and paintings, with a recreation of his studio.  And with a very active Giorgetto Giugiaro present at the opening.


The name of the exhibition is ‘Giugiaro e il suo percorso’ – Giugiaro and his journey – and it is very clear that his journey is an ongoing project.

He is still influencing the design world, not only by hands-on designing, but also by teaching. One of his first actions after being ‘released”’was accepting the post of President, or Maestro, at the Transportation Department at Torino’s Istituto di Arte Applicata e Design. 

His son, Fabrizio, who shadowed him during the many years at Italdesign, is heading Giugiaro Architettura; a company founded in 1995 and spun off as an independent entity in 2003.

Both are working together on projects like the Techrules GT 96 (we're awaiting the Geneva 2017 debut of the production version) through the family-owned, Torino-based, GFG Progetti.


Asked at the opening about his favorite projects Giugiaro surprised by not saying something bland like “every project was like a child with different challenges” or similar platitudes. Instead he pointed to the Alfa Romeo 2600 he designed, 22 years old, for Bertone, and singled out the Fiat Panda as the most difficult job he had ever done.

The exhibition was curated by Giosue Boetto Cohen, journalist and film-maker, together with Giuliano Molineri who is a veteran of arranging exhibitions and was one of the team promoting Torino for the Winter Olympic Games 2006. Rodolfo Gaffino Rossi is Director of the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile – one of the best in the world, with a special section on car design.

The exhibition will stay open until February 26th next year.   http://www.museoauto.it/website/en

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