M.A.D. about Geneva

02 March 2017 | by Jon Winding-Sorensen

No doubt at this year's Geneva motor show you'll be run off your feet as usual, but if you can, try to find an hour or two to visit the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery.

MB&F – the fascinating, disruptive and quite unique creator of luxurious, expensive horological 'machines' (otherwise known as watches) – has a Geneva gallery which has become something of a must-see for discerning designer-collectors during the annual Swiss motor show.

MB&F, which stands for Maximilian Büsser & Friends, opened the first M.A.D.Gallery in 2011. Since then satellite galleries have opened in Taipei and Dubai, but the original is still on Rue Verdaine 11 in Geneva, a stone’s throw from MB&F’s workshop in the heart of the city’s old town.


The gallery is a continuation of Büsser's approach to watches. Surprising. Alive. Different. Original. Büsser calls the objects on display Mechanical Art Devices (aha, that’s where the Gallery’s name came from), even if some of them are as static as paintings.

Irrespective of whatever is being presented you will always sense a mechanical soul, as there is a constant sense of movement around. All of the objects on display are examples of the mechanical as art, or should that be the other way around?


You may even be able to meet Mr. Büsser there as he often pops in, and definitely some of his friends. One of whom is the ever-present Charris Yadigaroglou, the gallery's eminent and entertaining guide.

Remember though it's closed on Mondays.

For an overview of exactly what can be seen during this year's show, you can visit the gallery's web site https://www.madgallery.net/