Car Design News introduces new, improved Directory listings

04 March 2016 | by Tom Phillips

The Car Design News website is always evolving, and now features a Directory section that has been created as an information hub for automotive design at its three key stages: carmakers, suppliers and design schools.

The new Directory listings support users throughout their career, from helping them to find their first college course, to getting their first job, taking that next career step or seeking out new and innovative suppliers from right across the car industry.

Each listing is created by its respective carmaker, supplier or school, and highlights the services they offer. The listing also includes information about the people behind the brands, and links people, places and other firms together, ensuring that users can find all the information they require quickly and simply.

The CDN Directory includes basic listings for most carmakers, suppliers and design schools. However, in order to harness the full benefits of this section of the site, more detailed information can be added to any of the entries, as shown in these examples of the three types of extended entries we offer:



Design School

There is a charge for an extended entry. If you're interested, please contact us.