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Burr Ridge USA, Lyon France
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CNH Industrial S.p.A. is a global leader in the capital goods sector that, through its various businesses, designs, produces and sells agricultural and construction equipment (CNH Global N.V.), trucks, commercial vehicles, busses and special vehicles (Iveco S.p.A.), as well as engines and transmissions for those vehicles and engines for marine applications (FPT Industrial S.p.A.). Present in all major markets worldwide, CNH Industrial is also focused on expanding its presence in high-growth markets even through joint ventures. More information about CNH Industrial S.p.A. and its businesses can be found online at

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Position 1:
Exterior & Interior Designer Specialist

Venissieux, Lyon, France / Turin, Italy

Focus on:

English / French / Italian

We are looking for a highly creative designer with a particular emphasis on colour / materials and graphics as well as a complete knowledge of design.

Position 2:
Industrial Designer

Burr Ridge, Chicago, USA

Focus on:


Must be eligible to work in the USA

We are looking for a highly motivated Industrial Designer with automotive design skills, wishing to challenge the conventional and strive for perfection.

Professional Family:  Design Center

Key duties/responsibilities:

  • The Exterior & Interior Designer Specialist and the Industrial Designer will create exterior and/or interior design proposals while demonstrating exceptional design intuition, strong presentation and visual communication skills. Design assignments will range from complete exterior bodies to singular components such as front/rear end designs, wheels, exterior lighting and graphics/badging. Interior design assignments will range from complete interior compartments to singular components such as instrument panels, headliner panels, armrest consoles, steering wheels, hard trim, seats and gauge clusters.
  • Collaborate on exterior and interior design development within the CNH Industrial brands Design Team.
  • Create and develop exterior and interior design concepts for the products following the assigned product briefing.
  • Develop design proposals for exterior and interior of the vehicle, consistent with the style concepts, using 2D and 3D techniques suitable to the development phase of the project and for the different steps of presentation.
  • Make perspective sketches and rendering sufficient to communicate new ideas in collaboration with the design management.
  • Understand and interpret a colour and material language that is in line with the brand visions within CNH Industrial.
  • Research and propose innovative material and texture solutions that are appropriate for the project.
  • Exceptional drawing, visual communication and presentation skills.
  • Elaborate exterior and interior colour design solutions for CNH Industrial brands worldwide. From concept phase through to production.
  • Create material and texture solutions for CNH Industrial brands worldwide. From concept through to production. Understand and interpret a colour and material language that is in line with the brand visions within CNH Industrial.
  • Create original graphic design solutions for brand identity elements including emblems, logos and graphic themes for product personalisations and exhibitions.
  • Preparation of design books.


  • Degree in Transportation/Industrial Design.
  • Experience in the Transportation Design field.
  • Language: English (fluent) required / French and Italian will be considered a plus.
  • Knowledge of design process from sketch to production.
  • Basic knowledge of engineering feasibility and functional aspects.
  • Complete knowledge of interior trim materials.
  • Knowledge of Adobe Suite.
  • Understanding of ALIAS software and Real Time Rendering softwares.
  • Understand the creation and development of 3D models (CAS Models).
  • High level of creativity.
  • Ability to present new ideas and design proposals both orally and visual.
  • Ability to discuss with engineering teams and suppliers on the feasibility and costs of design solutions.
  • Experience in User Interface Design and knowledge in Ergonomics.

How to apply:

If you are interested in the Exterior & Interior Designer Specialist position please apply here.

If you are interested in the Industrial Designer position please apply here.