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Checking in on Jaguar's US midterm reports

20 July 2015 | by Karl Smith

As we reported on 26 May, Jaguar is sponsoring several design projects for the Summer terms of 2015, for students of transportation design from Pasadena's Art Center College of Design, and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. ACCD students will be designing exterior and interior concepts for a Jaguar sports car of the year 2030, and AASF students will be create interiors for a futuristic 2+2 Sports Coupe.

Shown here are projects at the midterm review:

Art Center

Jaguar Art Center Midterm 01

Richard Yoh’s concept sketches for a performance car both on road and overall usability

Jaguar Art Center Midterm 02

Ji Young Lee steering wheel exploration sketches

Jaguar Art Center Midterm 03

Alvin Lim fighter jet inspired interior exploration

Jaguar Art Center Midterm 04

Eirik Stensrud presents his interior design concepts to Matthew Beaven and Sandy Boyes from the Advanced Jaguar Design team

Jaguar Art Center Midterm 05

Sandy Boyes provides directional input on Eirik Stensrud’s concepts

Jaguar Art Center Midterm 06

Bradley Kappel’s exterior design concept exploration

Jaguar Art Center Midterm 07

Sonny Fisher presents to the design team his ambitious interior and exterior exploration

Jaguar Art Center Midterm 08

Bradley Kappel presents two exterior design directions to the team

Jaguar Art Center Midterm 09

An Art Center student expands on his ideation sketches based on the input received from his critique

Jaguar Art Center Midterm 10

Sandy Boyes dives into a student’s interior concept exploration

Jaguar Art Center Midterm 11

Matthew Beaven explores a heritage inspired concept proposal

Jaguar Art Center Midterm 12

Beaven points out unique design cues from student Richard Yoh’s presentation

Academy of Art University

Jaguar Sf Academy Midterm 01

Sandy Boyes speaks with Eric Stanley about his interior design direction

Jaguar Sf Academy Midterm 02

Tyler Carpenter presents his concept to the class and Jaguar Design team

Jaguar Sf Academy Midterm 03

Mathew Beaven, Sandy Boyes and class instructor Antonio Borja provide feedback to Eric Stanley

Jaguar Sf Academy Midterm 04

Guangxu Jin listens intently as Sandy and Matt call out design features to explore further

Jaguar Sf Academy Midterm 05

Instructor Antonio Borja and Sandy Boyes review an interior design rendering

Jaguar Sf Academy Midterm 06

Ludovic Ernest listens on as Matthew Beaven reveal key design cues to move forward on to the final

Jaguar Sf Academy Midterm 07

Antonio Borja and Sandy Boyes explore color and materials with Matt Beaven and the rest of the class

Jaguar Sf Academy Midterm 08

Samuel Rosen, Sandy Boyes, Antonio Borja, and Mathew Beaven listen on as a student presents their work

The projects winds up in August, and Car Design News will be on hand to report on the results of the presentation to the assembled design jury from Jaguar and School Faculty.