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Nissan and Foster+Partners miss an opportunity to rethink the fuel station

16 March 2016

Architects propose that the fuel station of the future is no station at all

United Nude gives Lamborghini Countach the Lo-Res treatment

22 January 2016

It is possible to remix an iconic design?

Remembering George Barris, King of the Kustoms, 1925- 2015

06 November 2015

A look back at the life and work of LA car culture's most influential figures

Tesla Autopilot asks: What fate awaits the steering wheel?

23 October 2015

Karl Smith ponders what we should do as the most dominant control becomes dormant

Is there a new automotive design language in Manhattan? (And will Cadillac discover it?)

10 August 2015

How central NY could be a great laboratory for the design of the urban car

Checking in on Jaguar's US midterm reports

20 July 2015

Art Center and San Francisco Academy of Art University students present progress ahead of August submissions

Worth a read: Baking Up a New Look, in Layers Subsriber

21 October 2014

For over eighty years, the look of aerodynamic design has been the teardrop or wedge shape. This pure shape has, of course, been compromised by the practical considerations of packaging and drivetrain placement. But, in the last decade or so, we have seen a new model emerging, one driven by developments in the Formula 1 world, where directed airflow was beginning to slice bodies into more layered

How will you get to work in the year 2030? Subsriber

08 October 2014

Imagine a future where New Jersey adopts mass public transit and on-demand jitneys; Boston becomes hyper-dense and walking becomes the primary means of transport; Atlanta disperses even further and relies on solar power, electric cars and Google connected technologies to manage mobility; and Los Angeles tries autonomous cars, but finds the transition difficult, and its gridlock even worse.

Demise of kei cars on the horizon? Subsriber

10 June 2014

The kei car has long been a staple of the Japanese automobile industry and its car culture. Too diminutive for Western markets, the tiny cars and trucks are a strong influencer of design in Japan.