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Brilliance Auto Zhonghua M3

21 November 2006 | by Unknown

Brilliance M3 8920
Brilliance M3 8919

Brilliance Auto, with the rather dubious distinction of having similar styling and model names to BMW, have showcased one of the biggest surprises and the best styled vehicle by the domestic manufacturers at the show, the Zhonghua M3, a two-seater luxury coupe. This medium-size coupe was definitely the eye-catcher at Hall 1A, occupied predominantly by Chinese domestic automakers.

Ever attempting to distinguish themselves from the other Chinese manufacturers, Brilliance Auto's booth was small and only had four vehicles on display, but they were all high-end, domestic luxury vehicles. And in the middle of all this was the M3, displaying its style with a Canary Yellow paint finish.

Standing on a lengthy wheelbase, short front/rear overhangs and 18-inch alloy wheels, the first impression of the Zhonghua M3 is well-styled vehicle with good stance and proportion. The profile shows characteristics of a GT with a lengthy hood, mixed with a touch of a compact coupe around the rear.

Interesting details such as the sharp scoring around the door handle and an L-shaped tail-lamp gives just enough excitement to the car without overwhelming the overall volume. The interior features gun-metal black and orange coordination, but appeared to be less developed than the exterior.

The M3 is powered by a self-developed 1.8-liter engine with a top speed of 220 km/h. Key dimensions: length 4488mm, width 1812mm, height: 1385mm, wheelbase 2600mm.