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Chery A3

21 November 2006 | by Unknown

Chery A3 9295
Chery A3 9171

If there is ever an ambition by an automotive manufacturer to export cars, designing a European C-segment hatch - while a daunting challenge - should be a good place to start. In a sense, the A3 is a rather unconventional type of concept, where Chery's intention of developing this concept was about designing 'a real production car' to showcase to the world, rather than a �flash' concept vehicle.

Restrained and looking so close to production-ready to the point where the word 'concept' almost needs reconsideration, this finely balanced vehicle just might be the breakthrough that Chery is looking for. With a length of 4400mm, the overall size is right on target for the European C-segment. Designed in Italy by Pininfarina, the surfaces display flowing Italian volumes, with a hint of Ford Focus details.

Like so many concepts displayed at the show, the overall details were somewhat lacking in refinement. The taillamps are rather generic, and at the front, details such as the wedge surfacing running down from the A-pillar all the way down to the front face of the car, and bumper molding around the lower side intake might have tipped the design scale from 'refined' to 'busy'.

The A3 makes plenty of sense not just only to Chery, but to the whole of Chinese automotive design, showing that they are indeed serious and willing to spend and develop quality styled vehicles to compete, challenge, and gain respect from the world.