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Foton Saga

21 November 2006 | by Unknown

Foton Saga8904
Foton Saga8910

Utility vehicle specialists Foton Automobile have displayed two cars at the show: the Saga, a full size SUV and MP-X, a full-size pick-up van.

The Saga, measuring 4705mm x 2060mm x 1685mm on a 2760mm wheelbase, was one of only a few genuine SUVs at the show, wich was otherwise dominated by smaller CUVs and compact cars.

Characterized by the massive radiator grille and headlamps with an upright stance, Saga shows ruggedness at the front, but combined with somewhat overly refined, Honda CR-V look-alike taillamps. Details are 'no frills', but its appeal will be to the drivers who want to enjoy the sheer driving experience on off-road.

The second vehicle on display was the MP-X pickup van. Understanding quickly the need for a full-size MPV like the Toyota Alphard and Nissan Elgrand in the future Chinese market, Foton looks to have jumped ahead in developing a competent MPV with the MP-X. Just like the Saga SUV, the MP-X features the massive front radiator grille and headlamps which sets the tone of the vehicle, while a split DLO is reminiscent of the Nissan Elgrand.