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Detroit 2016: Acura Precision expresses itself

12 January 2016 | by Tom Phillips

Acura's Detroit showcar offers a welcome glimpse into the company's future, one that appears to allow the design team to give Acuras an identity much further removed from its Honda parent.

Acura Precision 01

Long, low and very wide, the Precision concept features cab-rearward proportions and surfacing that blends sharp, angular creases, echoing out from the new 'diamond pentagon' grille, and more organic, softer forms like those over the rear arches in a well-resolved way.

Acura Precision 02

The lamps are nicely detailed too – the fronts look like the main LEDs are surrounded by long-exposure flash shots that dance around the lamp can, while the rears feature a cluster of triangular shapes that surround the main LED light paths.

Acura Precision 05

The roof and glasshouse are made more dynamic with an interesting use of chrome around the car's beltline and pillars. These appear to be pulling at the edge of each window as though they are being dragged over the car under intense air pressure. The triangular motif from the lamps is repeated in the glass, too.

Acura Precision 11

The high-mounted brake light becomes an architectural feature, dropping down into the cabin and connecting to the rear seat, while the front features a wraparound, layered IP that extends from a large centre screen.

Acura Precision Int 2

The divergence of Acura and Honda follows the work that Lexus and its design team have done to distance the brand from Toyota. Perhaps buoyed by the fact that Lexus is on something of a showcar roll at the moment, Acura's design team is now being allowed to push further into its own space.

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