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Detroit 2016: Chrysler Pacifica provides plug-in potential

11 January 2016 | by Tom Phillips

Alongside a new name and a new platform, the Pacifica offers an interesting insight into how Chrysler's designers think the larger North American family likes to be entertained. In addition to the integrated Uconnect system, which can add a pair of internet-enabled 10-inch touchscreens to the back of the front seats, the car has the capability to keep an entire suite of electronic devices charged.

Chrysler Pacifica 01

There are plugs and sockets all over the cabin. Up front there's USBs and AUX connections in the centre stack, plus a couple of low-mounted plugs (DC and USB) right down on the floor, low enough in fact for you to head-butt the dash when using them, such is their location.

Chrysler Pacifica 02

In the second row, each passenger has connections for AUX, HDMI and USB built into the back of the front seat...

Chrysler Pacifica 05

And even the third row gets its own USB connection and the luggage space has a plug socket to keep everyone's electronic distractions juiced up.

However, if you do manage to drag yourself away from what you're plugged into, the cabin offers a significant step forward over the firm's previous minivans. This is most obvious in terms of material quality, which, for the most part, brings more solid-feeling, chunky trim and material treatments more familiar from crossovers.

There's a feeling of close attention to detail throughout the cabin, too, right down to this neat rubber mat from the centre console which includes all four of Chrysler's minivan generations.

Chrysler Pacifica 03

Chrysler’s continued participation in the minivan market, when so many are deserting it in favour of other segments, is interesting. With changes to tax rules in China coming that are likely to make one, fuel-efficient large car with plenty of seats a more popular option, we can see it appealing there. We’ll also be keen to find out if consumers will be persuaded to plug in to the Pacifica’s improved interior over here, too.

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