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Geneva 2017: Car Design Awards – the winners

08 March 2017 | by CDN Team

Renault and Lexus were worthy winners of our fourth annual Car Design Awards, announced last night at our Car Design Night event in Geneva.

Our Concept Car Design of the Year and Production Car Design of the Year awards are unique; though there are an awful lot of awards in this industry, these are the only ones that are voted for by a panel of the world’s top car designers. This is a real expert’s selection, and you’ll find a list of those experts below.

The Concept Car Design of the year was won by the undeniably glamorous and show-stopping Renault Trezor. Its design team, under the guidance of Laurens van den Acker, was represented by Stephane Janin and Anthony Lo, who skipped gleefully up to collect their award, presented by Car Design News Editor-in-Chief Chris Maillard.

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The deserving – if opinion-splitting – winner of Production Car Design of the Year was the brave and striking Lexus LC, and its design team, led by Tadao Mori, was represented by a dignified but delighted Koichi Suga.

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The third award of the evening was our special Lifetime Achievement Award, which goes to somebody who has made a tremendous impact on the world of car design during their career. This year’s went to the designer of some of the most iconic and elegant cars ever made – Robert Opron.

The designer of such iconic vehicles as the Citroën SM and CX, the Renault 9, 25 and Fuego, and the Alfa Romeo SZ, Robert, now in his 80s, didn’t manage to make the journey to the show but recorded a touching and heartfelt video for the event which had more than a few people reaching for their handkerchiefs.

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The Car Design Night event itself was held to launch the fourth of our Car Design Review yearbooks and honour the winners of the awards that feature in it. This year's edition, Car Design Review 4, is the biggest ever at over 200 pages, and is absolutely full of unique insights on the trends, designers and cars of the year. There’s a link here if you’d like to order a copy.

The night was a very lively affair, held in Geneva’s glitzy Bypass club and attended by a very impressive cross-section of the car design community. Many very senior figures in the industry were spotted making good use of the free drinks and food – take a look at the photo gallery at right to see if you recognise yourself (or your boss) caught in a potentially embarrassing situation. We will, of course, invoice for 10% of any resulting blackmail payments.

Concept Car Design of the Year
10. Volkswagen ID
9. DS E-Tense
8. Lexus UX
7. Mini Vision Next 100
6. Genesis New York
5. Citroën CXperience
4. Opel GT
3. Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6
2. Jaguar I-Pace
1. Renault Trezor

Production Car Design of the Year
10. Peugeot 3008/5008
9. Suzuki Ignis
8. Land Rover Discovery
7. Renault Scénic
6. Citroën C3
5. Mazda CX-4/CX-5
4. Tesla Model 3
3. Bugatti Chiron
2. Volvo V90
1. Lexus LC

The Judging Panel
Mamoru Aoki, Mitja Borket, Richard Chung, Nicola Crea, Helen Emsley, Ralph Gilles, James Hope, Stéphane Janin, Jozef Kaban, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Thierry Métroz, David Muyres, Andreas Nilsson, Robin Page, Colin Phipps, Davide Pizzorno, Peter Schreyer, Lou Tik, Kris Tomasson, Gorden Wagener

Big thanks to our partners

Premier partner Lear; Eco partner Dinamica; Gold partners Architexture and Grupo Antolin; Silver partners Bridge of Weir, Fast Design, Heinekampdesign, Lacks Enterprises and Optic Group.


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