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Geneva 2018: Brembo’s artful reminder

08 March 2018 | by Karl Smith

It’s an old cliché to call the automobile ‘poetry in motion’, but all the fun and poetry ends very quickly – and violently – if you don’t have a set of quality brakes on board.  Brembo’s stand at the Geneva show reminds us that quality brakes are essential, but also that they can be works of art in themselves.


Brembo disc – industrial modern art par excellence…

The calipers, discs and associated components on display remind us that the automobile is full of artful products of advanced design and engineering.

It’s a reassurance we all need in a time when many consider the car a holdover from the knuckle-dragging, heat-and-beat industrial culture of the early twentieth century.


We all know better, of course, but it’s good to have the Brembo art product gallery at the PalExpo to remind us.


Brembo’s minimalist, car-shaped armature seems more resolved than many other concepts at the show


Brembo brake caliper, or alien space ship design by Syd Mead?