LA 2016: Lexus IS Sriracha - Lexus spices up its sense of humour

17 November 2016 | by Joe Simpson

This is the sort of thing we love about the LA show. There’s a sub-SEMA vibe here where the crazy comes out, uncontained. It’s what can make Los Angeles worth the trip, however many global unveilings there may be. Along with several other show goers, we couldn't help but laugh when we found the Lexus IS Sriracha, painted an inferno orange.

Lexus Srirachia 2

The tie-up between a premium Japanese car-maker and a hot Thai-style chili sauce (which is made in California) is an unlikely one, to say the least. But highly entertaining — someone’s had a lot of fun here. So we get the local brand's ‘Tuong OT Sriracha’ cockerel crests stitched in the seat headrests and on the fenders; the heated seat buttons have ‘hot fire’ symbols, and there’s an engine-tune ‘hot fire’ on the auxiliary button panel.

Lexus Srirachia 5


The piece de resistance is hundreds of Sriracha bottles stored in the trunk, although our personal favourite element is the crazy, clashing green tone that’s used for highlights on the grille and on the seats (the colour of the bottle caps, of course).

Lexus Srirachia 1Lexus Srirachia 3Lexus Srirachia 4