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Geneva 2018: Video – Wayne Cherry accepts our Lifetime Achievement Award

07 March 2018

The legendary General Motors designer in an exclusive video. Be prepared to tear up a little...

Geneva 2018: The weird, wild & wonderful ones

07 March 2018

The Sbarro 4X4+2. Totally bonkers

Here’s a snapshot of some of 2018’s odder offerings

Geneva 2018: Citroën’s Alexandre Malval on the Berlingo Multispace

07 March 2018

The French brand’s design director on working across three brands

Geneva 2018: Car Design Awards winners announced

06 March 2018

Not actually an award – an ice sculpture at our event

The design industry’s most respected awards, our yearbook and a great evening in Geneva

Geneva 2018: VW’s Klaus Bischoff on the I.D. Vizzion

06 March 2018

Inside the new electric concept from Volkswagen

Geneva 2018: Hybrid Kinetic GT by Pininfarina

06 March 2018

Design house's latest project with Hybrid Kinetic lands in Geneva

Geneva 2018: Lagonda Vision Concept

06 March 2018

Silicon Valley meets Savile Row – Aston Martin joins the AV/EV revolution with a radical concept. We’ve got the inside story, sketches and more

Geneva 2018: Gerry McGovern on the Range Rover SV Coupé

06 March 2018

“We’ve made it easy [for tuners] in the past, we won’t make it easy for them anymore.”

Geneva 2018: Europe’s big show

05 March 2018

The year’s big Euro show, covered live

Detroit 2018: Interview - Alfonso Albaisa, senior VP for global design, Nissan

17 January 2018

We catch up on the Nissan and Infiniti design identities, Japanese heritage, and global ways of working