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Dodge Hornet concept

11 March 2006

There is something slightly ironic about the Hornet being shown in Geneva. After a dearth of forward looking, compact and modern American car design at Detroit, here is one of the big US brands showing just that; a very American but very innovative and appealing small car. The chunky exterior has various Dodge cues such as the DLO and most notably the surface that rolls forwards from the shoulde

Audi Roadjet concept

08 February 2006

It's hard to know how to take the Roadjet. Audi invented the term 'Avant' for its shallow-raked tailgated station wagons in the early eighties, but this car is neither Avant nor sedan, more of a tall hatchback in the mould of the unlovely European market Fiat Croma.

Dodge Challenger concept

08 February 2006

When Trevor Creed introduced the Challenger concept he described it as a concept that set out to 'get it right' ? to iron out the imperfections of the original 1970 design.

Chevrolet Camaro concept

08 February 2006

Unveiled to universal rapture is a new everyday hero: the Chevrolet Camaro. Drawing from the 1969 original, this new interpretation designed under Tom Peters is derivative yet contemporary, with bold lines defining tight surfaces.

Chrysler Imperial concept

08 February 2006

Based on a stretched version of the 300 platform, the Imperial is a concept that explores the scope for the Chrysler brand to re-enter the luxury sedan market.

Ford Reflex concept

08 February 2006

Last year Ford showed what a small, tough American city car could be with the SYNus. When J Mays announced the Reflex at the opening press launch of this year's show he described it as "Ford's latest exploration on America's small car" and as evidence that Ford is committed to producing a range of US-market cars of less than four meters in length.

Buick Enclave

08 February 2006

Buick's new luxury SUV was launched to the mantra of 'Quality beyond precision.' A large six-seater, Buick has adopted 'Heritage Forward' to define their repost to the success of the Lexus RX.

Ford F-250 Super Chief concept

08 February 2006

"You want a pickup? I'll show you a pickup." Ford Design Director Peter Horbury isn't kidding: At 6.7meters long, the Super Chief is colossal, exemplifying Ford's 'rugged elegance' philosophy in combining the utility of a truck with the luxury of a limousine.

Lamborghini Miura concept

08 February 2006

Unveiled by Walter de'Silva, head of Lamborghini Centro Stile for the last three months, the Miura Concept pays homage to the first mid-engine Lamborghini of forty years ago.

Nissan Urge concept

08 February 2006

The Nissan Urge is a small three-seat sports car based on a truncated 350Z. Inspired by motorcycles, it uses materials in new ways for youth appeal and a fun driving experience.