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LA 2018: Audi e-tron GT Concept debuts

30 November 2018

While we await the all-electric Porsche, Audi has already Taycan its platform...

LA Forum 2018: The Search For Future Talent

29 November 2018

Magna’s Larry Erickson announces a brand new contest

LA Forum 2018: The Control Panel

29 November 2018

UX and HMI took centre stage as our designers showed off their interfaces

LA Forum 2018: Into The Virtual World

29 November 2018

Another scintillating session from our design experts

LA 2018: This Gaming Pod is the City Car We Need

29 November 2018

This cylindrical simulator rig got us thinking...

LA 2018: California car culture craziness

29 November 2018

Our traditional gallery of the show’s wilder side

LA 2018: Mazda 3

29 November 2018

Indulge in some compact Kodo... and pick your preferred C-pillar

LA 2018: Hyundai Palisade

29 November 2018

Hyundai joins the big, big boys

LA 2018: Kia launches third-gen Soul

29 November 2018

The new Soul gets a bit moody... but was that really necessary?

LA Forum 2018: New Brands, New Ideas

28 November 2018

Fascinating presentations on reinventing car marques (plus bonus Lego!)