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Toyota Highlander / Highlander Hybrid

15 May 2007

The 2008 Highlander is based on the current Camry and Avalon platforms, and follows the theme of "Smart In/Strong Out" (smart on the inside, strong on the outside). The Calty-designed Highlander features an "intelligent and advanced" look and feel on the interior with "tough and rugged" styling cues on the exterior.

Peugeot 4007 and Citroen C-Crosser

07 March 2007

Given how sharp PSA have been at spotting new trends and getting in fast - for example Coupe Cabrios, the Berlingo Multivan, superb diesels or innovative use of glass - it's surprising how slow they've been to offer a decent SUV, one of the fastest growing sectors in the last 5 years.

Smart ForTwo

07 March 2007

This is the international debut of the second generation Smart ForTwo, an evolutionary development of one of the most unique production cars in the world.

Skoda Fabia

07 March 2007

This is a straightforward redesign that keeps the essence of the old Fabia design, in the same way that the new Octavia did with its predecessor a couple of years ago.

Toyota Hybrid X

07 March 2007

Designed in Toyota's ED2 studio in Nice, the Hybrid X is said to propose a new design language for their hybrid models. Interior designer, Laurent Bouzige, says: "Hybrid X is conceived as a multi-sensory experience.

Renault Clio Grand Tour

07 March 2007

At last year's Geneva show Renault presented the Altica concept car, a four seat, three door sports estate car.

Giugiaro Vadho

07 March 2007

Vadho is an unusual sports concept car that places its two occupants in tandem on the left side within a clear canopy, next to a BMW hydrogen powertrain on the right side.

Hyundai i30

07 March 2007

The i30 is one of the most significant new cars launched at Geneva. Replacing the Accent, this car is the first to properly target the heartland of Europe's car sector: the C-sector as defined by the Golf.

Mazda 2

07 March 2007

The Mazda 2 has an unusual series of predecessors - the 121 went from a conservative and short but functionally innovative hatch, to an unusual curvy sedan, to a badge engineered Ford Fiesta.

Ford Mondeo

07 March 2007

James Bond might have picked up a new Mondeo as an airport rental last year, but for the rest of the world Geneva was the first time we'd seen the car.