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Hyundai FD Wagon

20 April 2007

After the release of i30 hatchback at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, Hyundai used the Seoul Motor Show for the release of its wagon derivative, the FD wagon.

Ssangyong New Kyron

20 April 2007

The Kyron medium-sized SUV has been criticized since its release in 2005 for its over-the-top design and busy details, and after less than two years in the production, it gets a major facelift, with almost all body panels being newly designed, only the doors and headlamps having survived the change.

Hyundai TQ (Starex Van)

20 April 2007

The Hyundai TQ is a multi-purpose passenger/commercial van making its world premiere at the Seoul Motor Show.

Ssangyong WZ sports sedan

20 April 2007

With the premiere of the Hyundai Genesis concept halfway across the world in New York, Ssangyong was showcasing its own large luxury sedan concept for the domestic market.

Hyundai HND-3 Veloster

20 April 2007

Two years ago, at the same venue, the biggest name in the Korean automotive business failed to showcase any significant new concept at its domestic motor show, underestimating the show's significance and its domestic competition.

Kia KND-4

05 April 2007

Along with Hyundai, Kia also failed to display a significant concept at the 2005 Seoul Motor Show, instead displaying the 'used' concepts like the Mesa, and Soul.