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Best Conceptual Exterior

14 September 2015 | by CDN Team

Cyril Noulette

Institut Supérieur de Design

The Passenger Influence

Car Design Awards Global has expanded to include exterior designs, meaning we have a new category for this year, with the judges awarding the best conceptual exterior prize to an innovative new motorsport vehicle controlled by both the driver and passenger. With an aesthetic that's as much bobsleigh as it is racing car – YFAI's Richard Chung called it “highly suitable for the Winter Olympics” – the project aims to offer a spectacular exterior design, as well as a tricky joint control interface for the two-man team on board, to reengage dwindling numbers of race spectators.

Bentley's Darren Day best summed up the car, saying “it's a bit Star Wars, but it's a fantastic proposal, straight from the Isle of Man TT in 2100!”

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