Lynk & Co 03 breaks cover

01 August 2018 | by Maxine Morland

Lynk & Co are on the brink of launching the 03 sedan, which has just been revealed in a set of pictures widely shared across the internet. Following the SUV 01, the 03 is the first sedan to be launched by the fledgling company.

The car retains the distinctive split headlight arrangement seen on the 01, and the front end looks very similar to the 01. It is also very true to the 03 concept car which was released last year (take look at our gallery, right, for more photos of that), though some sporty design cues make its rather sedate sedan proportions into a more vigorous-seeming variant.

2 Lynk-Co-03-3-e1533094539133-850x447.jpeg

Retaining many elements of the design of the SUV 01, the front of the 01 seems tall, but looks sleeker in side profile

At the rear there's a pair of distinctive LED tail lights, a diffuser element with twin exhaust outlets, and a subtle lip spoiler integrated into the boot lid. The surfacing along the side of the 03 distracts attention from the strong shoulder-line – the pinched lines which run through the door handles below the shoulder-line and another line along the base of the doors work to convey a modern, crisp style of muscularity, hinting at aero considerations and athleticism.


The rear view highlights that chrome eyebrow line over the top of the DLO

Large alloy wheels, confident wheelarches and a good wheel-to-overhang ratio communicate sporty confidence. The split lighting arrangement works well to convey modern functional style for the young urbanites this car is designed for. The chrome brightwork that highlights the shape of the roofline and the gentle fastback slope, sweeping through the DLO down to the boot mimics the graceful slope of the roofline.

1 Lynk-Co-03-4-850x638.jpeg

The chrome brightwork that highlights the shape of the roofline and the gentle fastback slope, sweeping through the DLO down to the boot, highlights the grace of the curve

Designed in the Lynk & Co studio in Gothenburg, headed by Andreas Nilsson, the 03 will initially be sold in China after its launch in Chengdu in September, but it will probably follow the 02 into Europe and America though the brand’s newly launched ‘Offline Stores’. The 03 isn’t particularly radical, but when viewed in conjunction with the company’s redesign of the sales process, it has a cohesive brand strategy and a clear young urban customer base in mind. Every car is to be sold online, at a fixed price.

There are ‘offline stores’ appearing in Europe, first in Amsterdam, quickly followed by new locations in Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels and London. These will be located in central fashion districts as brand boutiques. Lynk & Co’s app-based sharing service takes this even further, allowing friends and family to make use of the car using a smartphone app. The car sharing app means owners can also use their phone as a key. 


The Lynk & Co 'offline stores' concept gives customers a preview of their online purchase