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Hyundai Releases Teaser Sketches of New Baby SUV

11 April 2019 | by Karl Smith

Hyundai has released teaser sketches of a new small SUV that will be revealed at the New York Auto Show on 17th April.

The SUV, named the Venue, is slotted below the Kona, which more than likely makes it an A-segment car – unless they can squeeze two models into the B-segment somehow.

The design, as shown, illustrates that Hyundai is not going for the ‘cute Ute’ aesthetic, but a brawnier and boxier look with sharp creases, and bulging wheel wells suggesting an exaggerated wide stance. Large wheels, looking enormous in the drawings, enhance the sense of a bold presence for a such a small utility car.


 The sketches show the Venue as a three-door car. Assuming Hyundai is not leading us astray, this would be a departure from the standard five-door format that dominates the market right now.

The interior sketches show a more traditional interior with a fairly standard IP layout. The screen sits front and centre, within easy reach of the driver. We are a bit surprised that Hyundai did not include a larger screen, given the Venue’s young demographic target.


The name, Venue, suggests a clubhouse, or a “place to be” as Hyundai put it. The idea of a car as a hangout is not new, but Hyundai seems to have given it some new traction with this new baby SUV. Can they repeat the success of their sister company KIA and the fun and cheeky Soul? Time and the marketplace will tell.

We will have a follow-up when the Venue is revealed next week.