Michelin Challenge Design Theme Announced

19 September 2017 | by Michael Gooderham

Michelin have revealed the theme for their 18th Challenge Design competition, for which hopeful young designers can register now.

The theme is dubbed Michelin Concours d'Elegance 2050 | Future Classic, and requires entrants to design a vehicle that would come out in the year 2025, but which would be worthy of display at a concours event set a further 25 years into the future.

More to the point, said designs “will best represent an important era, a defining time in the history of mobility and automotive design that addresses dramatic changes in mobility models, technologies and societal needs.

Entrants can choose a well-established brand, or a brand "currently unknown," under which to design a car that would be seen as defining what for us present-day folk is the imminent transition from fully manual, to fully autonomous vehicles.

Inspired already? You can learn more about how to enter on Michelin's Challenge Design website.

Winners will be recognized at the 2018 Movin’On by Michelin event in Montréal.

MCD 2018 MCD Poster web.jpg