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CDN launches in-house content studio

21 November 2018 | by CDN Team

CDN launches in-house content studio

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We are launching an in-house content studio called AutoWorks in response to the changing nature of content and publishing and the high number of content marketing we get from the automotive sector.

The studio will be led by newly appointed Head of Content Solutions Paula Trainor working with the existing sales and editorial teams led by Abel Sampson and Chris Maillard respectively.

Paula commented “Creating content is what we do. We produce news, stories, insight, intelligence and connections for the automotive industry across our own manufacturing, logistics, design and IT Technology platforms. And it is with that expertise we will also specialise in creating, distributing and marketing customised content for client businesses and brands operating across the automotive design space.”

The newly launched in-house studio will produce content to specific client briefs including online content, sponsored supplements, podcasts, videos, bespoke publications and customised events, from a team of specialist writers, editors, designers, marketers and digital analysts.

Abel Sampson added, “There is both a demand and a need for it. In effect our in-house content studio is here to help our clients grow their business. Creating compelling and expertly crafted content to build brands, tell a story, drive awareness of products and services and importantly find new customers through lead generation, whether it’s in print, online or through events.”

The launch of AutoWorks follows the recent appointment of Gavin Miller as Managing Director of Ultima Media the B2B media, publishing and events business that owns and runs Car Design News, Interior Motives, Automotive Logistics, Automotive Manufacturing Solutions and automotiveIT International.

For more information, please visit autoworks.media


 For more information contact:

Head of Content Solutions: Paula Trainor 
paula.trainor@ultimamedia.com  +44 (0)7803 726 505 

Publisher, Car Design News: Abel Sampson  
abel.sampson@cardesignnews.com +44 (0)20 8987 0963 

Editor-in-Chief, Car Design News: Chris Maillard
chris.maillard@cardesignnews.com  +44 (0) 20 8987 0982