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Car Design News global league table of transportation design schools

17 June 2016 | by Tom Phillips

The Car Design Awards reward the most-talented transportation design students the world has to offer. The contest also acknowledges the schools that have nurtured that design talent with a special award to be presented to the school whose students score highest in the competition.

The Royal College of Art in London is the current holder of the ‘Most Successful School’ award. Although students from Chinese schools are eligible to enter the Awards contest, our separate Car Design Awards China contest has its own league table, singling out the best Chinese design schools.

Car Design Awards school league table top 10, based on data from 2011-2015:

Rank School
1 College for Creative Studies
2 Strate Design School
3 Royal College of Art
4 IED Istituto Europeo di Design
5 Umeå Institute of Design
6 Institut Supérieur de Design
7 Coventry University
8 NID National Institute of Design
9= Academy of Art University
9= Pforzheim University


Click for the full Car Design Awards School League Table 2011-2015

We also acknowledge that some design schools are bigger than others. In order to highlight quality over quantity, we also publish the Car Design Awards Winning Index of schools. The Index includes only the schools which have at least three students who have become finalists or overall winners, while the League Table judges the overall quantity of the best students.

The Winning Index of schools, based on data from 2011-2015:

Rank School
1 Royal College of Art
2 Institut Supérieur de Design Valenciennes
3 Istituto Europeo di Design (IED)
4 Coventry University
5 Strate Design School
6 Umeå Institute of Design
7 College for Creative Studies
8 NID National Institute of Design


How the scoring works

The league tables are created from the results of Car Design Awards competitions that took place over the period 2011-15 inclusive.

If a student is shortlisted for one of the Car Design Awards categories, we have awarded their school one point in the league table for each student that makes the shortlist.

If a student is selected from the shortlist as one of the top three finalists in an Awards category, the school gains three points per student.

For each Awards category winner the school receives five points for each winner.

Finally, the overall Student Design of the Year is chosen from those Awards category winners. This earns the school eight points.

Points are not cumulative, so the overall winner earns eight points in total, category winners earn five points total, finalists three and shortlisted students add one to their respective school’s league table count.

An entry by a team of students is scored only once, and a student shortlisted for a number of awards categories in one year has only his or her best result counted; the competition is seeking to measure quality of entries, not volume.

A student achieving success in different years' competitions, however, is counted in each year and so contributes towards the school's overall score over the period of the league table. The rationale here is that there has clearly been some teaching in between.


Full Car Design Awards School League Table 2011-2015

Rank Points School Location Scoring students
1 87 College for Creative Studies United States 46
2 77 Strate Design School  France 30
3 65 Royal College of Art  United Kingdom 27
4 61 IED Istituto Europeo di Design   Italy 37
5 59 Umeå Institute of Design   Sweden 27
6 24  Institut Supérieur de Design Valenciennes   France 12
7 20  Coventry University  United Kingdom 12
8 18  NID National Institute of Design  India 12
9= 15  Academy of Art University  United States 9
9= 15  Pforzheim University  Germany 7
11 13  University of Tehran Iran 4
12= 12  Reutlingen University  Germany 8
12= 12  Seoul National University of Technology   South Korea 6
14= 11  Chung-Ang University  South Korea 9
14= 11  IAAD Istituto d'Arte Applicata e Design  Italy 7
16 10  DSK International School of Design India 3
17 9  Creapole  France 5
18 7  Munich University of Applied Sciences   Germany 3
19= 6  Art Center College of Design  United States 4
19= 6  University of Cincinnati   United States 4
19= 6 Dong-a University  South Korea 4
19= 6  Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design   Czech Republic 4
23= 5 ENSAPLV  France  
23= 5  Hongik University   South Korea 3
23= 5  Lahti University of Applied Sciences   Finland 3
26= 4  Azad University  Iran  
26= 4  Delft University of Technology Netherlands  
26= 4  Iran University of Science and Technology Iran  
29= 3 Beijing University of Technology  China  
29= 3  Savannah College of Art and Design United States  
29= 3  Tsinghua University   China 3
30= 2  Braunschweig University of Art  Germany  
30= 2  Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts  China  
30= 2  Hanyang University  South Korea   
30= 2  Kookmin University South Korea   
30= 2 Sangmyung University South Korea   
35= 1  DOMUS Academy Italy   
35= 1  Universität Duisburg-Essen Germany   
35= 1  Hunan University of Science and Technology China   
35= 1  Iran University of Art Iran   
35= 1  Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) Iran   
35= 1  Jiangnan University  China   
35= 1  Kama State Academy of Engineering and Economics   Russia  
35= 1  Lawrence Technological University  United States  
35= 1  Loughborough University United Kingdom  
35= 1  MIT Institute of Design  United States  
35= 1  Moholy-Nagy University    India  
35= 1  Monash University   Australia  
35= 1  Université de Montréal  Canada  
35= 1  Moscow State Technical University  Russia  
35= 1  National Central University   Taiwan  
35= 1  Northumbria University  United Kingdom  
35= 1  Rhode Island School of Design  United States  
35= 1  Saar HBK Germany  
35= 1  SPD – Scuola Politecnica di Design  Italy  
35= 1  Shenkar College of Engineering and Design  Israel  
35= 1  Slovak University of Technology  Slovakia  
35= 1  University of Tabriz  Iran  
35= 1  Yeungnam University  South Korea