Giles Taylor leaves Rolls Royce

07 June 2018 | by Chris Maillard

Rolls Royce Director of Design Giles Taylor has left the company rather abruptly and mysteriously. The corporate statement announcing his departure was terse and pointed, merely saying that he had left the company “to pursue other business interests”. 

Giles’ most recent project has been the rather divisive Cullinan SUV, and since he took on the top job at the BMW-Group-owned luxury brand in 2012, he has also been responsible for the Next100 concept and the one-off Sweptail. Previous to that he was at Jaguar and PSA.


Rumours have been floated that he could be off to the newly Geely-owned Lotus, but given the likely length of a BMW Group non-compete clause we would guess that this is unlikely. However, wherever he pops up next we wish him all the best.

There is no shortage of potential replacements, both from inside and outside BMW Group, so we won’t speculate as yet but we’ll keep you updated as more details emerge.