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POLI design, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano

POLI design, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano


Masters in Transportation & Automobile Design

The Masters program in Transportation & Automobile Design offered by the Politecnico di Milano Design School was devised jointly with Volkswagen Group Design. A dedicated design studio, headed by Walter de Silva, suggests a project topic each year and supplies specialist teaching content. Volkswagen Group Design oversees design progress and selects the most promising students for internships at its style centers.

The Masters program is a pathway to excellence for those who seek scientifically rigorous training to meet the professional challenges that automakers’ design departments are offering in this era of far-reaching change and radical innovation in the industry. 

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The project topics assigned by Volkswagen Group Design belong to a collaborative initiative with the Comune di Milano named 'Moving Milan: Urban Mobility Culture Associated with Expo2015', which calls for students to tackle mobility issues as reflected, case-by-case, in the various marques that belong to the VW Group.

Reliance on facilities at the Design Department at the Politecnico di Milano, such as its modeling workshop and its virtual prototyping workshop, enriches the learning experience by ensuring the availability of equipment suitable for this program.

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The goal of the Masters program is to train each professional designer to develop her or his own creativity, while innovatively integrating with the academic knowledge specific to the syllabus.

At the same time, the student is expected to experience the whole style development process typical of the automobile industry. The course is designed to enable graduates in industrial design, engineering or architecture who are interested in a career in automobile design to bring rigorous focus to their curriculum.

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The program produces an innovative professional with advanced skills related to the main tasks involved in creating an automobile’s style. It gives its students the chance to join the production stream of the auto design industry, which is not limited to traditional roles or companies, but encompasses a network of enterprises that interact and collaborate with corporate design departments on co-design projects. Acquired skills include teamwork and conflict management.

The Masters grants 60 CFU, equivalent to 60 ECTS. Upon completion, students earn a Politecnico di Milano first-level university Masters Degree.

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Key Personnel

Fausto Brevi

Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano

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