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Owning company: SAIC

Roewe is a luxury automobile marque owned by the Chinese automaker SAIC Motor. Roewe vehicles are primarily based on technology acquired from defunct British carmaker MG Rover. SAIC was unable to purchase the rights to the Rover brand name and created the Roewe marque as a replacement.

Roewe is currently one of only a small number of indigenous Chinese luxury vehicle marques. Its models are sold under the MG name in most markets outside of China.

The name Roewe originates from SAIC's failure to acquire the Rover marque from BMW in 2005, it was instead sold to Ford in 2006 and the brand is currently owned by Tata Motors.
English engineering firm Ricardo assisted the development of early Roewe models and set up a new company in the UK, Ricardo (2010) Consultants Ltd, which helped bring the 750 to market. According to SAIC, work on the vehicle was also done in China. In 2007 Ricardo (2010) Consultants was purchased by SAIC and renamed SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre. It employs over 200 British ex-Rover engineers.

Source: Wikipedia 

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