In Print

Print isn't dead. In fact, print is flourishing at Car Design News, with a range of publications which deliver high production values to complement the car designs shown on the page. The publications are listed here:

Interior Motives  

Im Autumn 16 CoverA quarterly magazine which contains extended reports of arguably the most challenging aspect of automotive design - the interior. 

Typically focussing on six cars each issue, either concept or production, the magazine has extensive  graphics and lavish production values to describe the development journey from inspiration to completion. Interior Motives circulates worldwide. 

Subscribe to the magazine alone, or get a discount by combining it with your subscription to CDN. A tablet-only subscription is available via the App Store, Google Play or Kindle Fire.

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Special OEM editions


Fiat EditionChrysler EditionGM Edition 

Publications which explore the design philosophies and directions of specific OEMs are created periodically, and circulated to existing Interior Motives subscribers. They are also available to buy separately in print or tablet form. 

OEM editions include:

Volvo 2016 published January 2016
Nissan 2015 published September 2015
Fiat 2015 buy
Chrysler 2009 view (no longer in print)

GM 2007

view (no longer in print)

Car Design Review 


Car Design Review 3 Car Design Review 4

296215 2 Preview Car Design Review 2 10

A hardback book with high production values and lavish design, this annual publication features the top 10 concept and production cars of the year, and profiles of the dozen or so design directors who vote to select CDN's Car Design of the Year in both categories.

Also included in the book are trend reports, launch summaries, 'who went where' tracking of the careers of design directors, winning entries in CDN's global student design awards, and a special profile of lifetime achievement (for Edition 1, reviewing 2013, it was Marcello Gandini).

Car Design Review is published at the time of the Geneva Auto Show. The awards for CDN's Best Concept Design of the Year and Best Production Design of the Year, along with a presentation for Lifetime Achievement, are made at Car Design Night.

Car Design Review 1, 160pp, published March 2014            no longer in print

Car Design Review 2, 184pp  published March 2015            view sample pages       buy a copy

Car Design Review 3, 192pp  published March 2016            view sample pages       buy a copy

Car Design Review 4, 192pp  published March 2017            no longer in print    

Car Design Review 5, 192pp  published March 2018                                                             buy a copy